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Main Street

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Head out a little from Vancouver’s downtown core to explore and you’ll be rewarded with fascinating neighbourhoods each with their own special vibe. One of Vancouver’s most popular ‘hoods is the Mount Pleasant/Main Street area, home to some of the city’s coolest bars, restaurants, breweries, independent shops and wild green spaces. From the city’s highest point to award-winning Vietnamese banh mi sandwiches and a hidden Tiki bar, it’s all here –you just need to know where to look…
Queen Elizabeth Park + _
You’ll find the highest point in Vancouver just a few steps away from Main Street at Queen Elizabeth park which is set on an ancient long-extinct volcano! Along with beautiful gardens and plenty of quiet spaces to read or picnic in the sun, you can also visit the Bloedel Conservatory, a tropical garden in a geodesic dome, the North Quarry Gardens, Canada’s first civic arboretum, and play the popular pitch and putt golf. But to get a truly Vancouver experience, head up the hill just before sunset to snap one of the best views of the city.
The Fish Counter + _
Imagine a farmers market, but for fish, selling only what’s local, in season and ethically harvested –that’s exactly what you’ll find at the city’s first 100% sustainable fish counter headed up by Mike and Rob who created the Ocean Wise programme with Vancouver Aquarium. Never cooked fish before? No problem, the counter staff can help advise even a total fish newbie on what to choose and how to cook it perfectly. There’s also a take out counter serving up some of the city’s best fish and chips and piled high oyster po’boy sandwiches. Want to try a unique dining experience? Call to book their ‘secret garden’ patio restaurant for the city’s ultimate seafood feast.
Au Petit Cafe + _
This tiny nondescript cafe turns out some of the best Vietnamese food in the city –as the awards on the wall testify. You’ll almost certainly have to queue for a table, but it’s absolutely worth the wait. Their banh mi baguette sandwiches are the stuff of legend; the bread is bought in from nearby La Baguette and it’s crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. Make sure you try one of their piled-high subs with the house-made pate. Closed on Wednesdays.

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